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With a large crowd cheering them on, South Bendigo proved too strong over Sandhurst Rockets in a closely fought tussle in our Section 1A Grand Final on Friday night. A great game and well done everyone.


1A: Sth Bendigo Dev 38 def Sandhurst Rockets 34

1B: Golden Square Maple 21 lost to Zodiacs Galaxy 28

2A: Storm Thunder 26 lost to Jets Sapphires 28

3A: Eaglehawk 31 def  Sandhurst Sparks 21 

3A Res: Flames Phoenix 16 lost to Zodiacs Leo 25 

3B: Sth Bendigo Silver 22 lost to Zodiacs Aquarius 31

3C: Kangaroos Sapphires 34 def G/Square Stars 18

4A: Girton Sapphires 19 def  Sth Bgo Blue 17 

13A: Zodiacs Neptune 32 def Storm Vortex 23

13B: St Thereses Gold 30 def South Bgo White 26

6A: St Kilians Yellow 29 def Flames Fire 22

6B: Sth Bgo Green 12 lost to Holy Rosary Blue 20



A REMINDER - Twilight entries close 29 September.






With the new season in full swing and winter rapidly approaching, it is timely to provide a few reminders to everyone. Please disseminate the following information as widely as possible.


BSNA General Information


Primary Carer Responsibilities





Office Roster:


The OFFICE ROSTER has now been developed and can be downloaded HERE.



1. OFFICE DUTY for Grand Finals (Friday 15/Saturday 16 Sept ): 

  • Friday night: 6pm - 8.30pm: EHWK (6pm - 730pm); STRATH STORM (7.30pm - 9pm)
  • Saturday 8am -10am: ZODIACS (8am - 9am) / FALCONS (9am - 10am)
  • Saturday 10am - 12pm: FALCONS (10am - 11am) / ST KILIANS (11am - 12pm)
  • Saturday 12 pm - 2.00pm: STH BGO (12 - 1pm) / STRATH STORM (1pm - 2pm)







Score sheets should show all players as they have been provided on your official team sheets. 


 Any updates/player changes etc should be emailed to Daryl via an updated team sheet prior to games starting.
ONLY fill ins from a lower grade should be hand-written on the score sheets. 


 Some players may not be shown if the club is yet to add them to the MyNetball system.
Please let Daryl know when this is completed. 


 An asterisk against a player's name on the score sheet indicates the player is unregistered.
Clubs should attend to this immediately, or if you believe rego has occurred, email Daryl for checking and confirmation. 


Any typos/problems, please let Daryl know asap.








Following our first Committee meeting for the year last night, the following decisions have been reached:


To utilise our best available umpires and maximise our indoor court usage, all of Sections 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B and Section 4 will be played on FRIDAY NIGHTS this year. 

Sections 3A, 3B, 13/A, 13/B and all primary levels will remain playing on Saturday.

All clubs have agreed to this at the Committee meeting and are going to let Daryl know as a matter of urgency if teams need to be re-assessed with their grades. The list of Sections/teams below will be upgraded and shown in red as changes are notified. 

Indicative time slots are shown, but won't be completely decided until all sections are settled.
Detailed draws will not be started until teams are settled.

Grade 3 training sessions: Maree Seery has kindly agreed to run these introductory training/skills sessions for our new Grade 3 teams for this year. Further detail will be developed, but they are likely to run for the first 4 weeks of competition, probably 3.30pm Saturdays for all grade 3 teams. 



SECTION 1A: (10 teams)  Friday nights 8.15-9.15pm

Sandhurst Fever, Sandhurst Rockets, Eaglehawk, Castlemaine Magpies, Golden Square Quartz, Golden Square Kennedy, Kangaroos Diamonds, Storm Development, South Bendigo Development, Kangaroo Flat Development


SECTION 1B: (10 teams)  Friday nights 7.15-8.15pm

Jets Emeralds, Jets Sapphires, Storm Tornado, Bendigo United, Sandhurst Heat, Sandhurst Rebels, Castlemaine Magpies, Golden Square Royals, Golden Square Maple, Zodiacs Galaxy


SECTION 2A: (11 teams)  Friday nights 6.15-7.15pm

Storm Thunder, Storm Cyclone, Girton Gold, Golden Square Gems, Kangaroos Rubies, Zodiacs Starz, 

Storm Hurricane, Zodiacs Capricorn, Golden Square Miners, Flames Phoenix, Storm Blizzard


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Author: Daryl Cheeseman